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Struggling with the new reality

I admit I have been having trouble holding it together post the EU referendum result. To sit by and have to watch the effects predicted take place is very hard for many.  The Leave camp responded to presented facts, by persuading people they were lies, to not believe experts and that we are Great … Continue reading

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After the vote

Tomorrow in the United Kingdom the population is heading to the polls to vote to decide on continued membership of the European Union. Whilst I have hesitated to mention politics on Linkedin (I have previously expressed my views here, with … Continue reading

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Why I went back to Blackberry…

I have a new iPhone for work. It is great, there is an app for everything; ordering a taxi, checking traffic, the tides in Fiji or looking to see if that rumble was indeed an earthquake or just I missed … Continue reading

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The UK – EU referendum: An analogy

I don’t normally stray into politics, however there is an excellent article by Alicia Ngomo on FinExtra, who relates some of what she has been hearing regarding the EU referendum. I have been hearing something similar and agree it is … Continue reading

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