Successful group conversations in LinkedIn

I have been following some of the discussions on LinkedIn groups recently.
There is a lot of chatter and self promotion, however some discussions do really seem to capture the imagination of the audience.

One of the best I have seen so far;

Discussion: There are two kinds of Credit people…those who enjoy making statistics and reports (DSO one of them) and others that hit the street and collect money!!!!

Lots of really good opinion and the group really split between collection operations managers and managers of the credit risk lifecycle.  (my view was you need both btw, cannot run a good process without the reports, yet need to also have a good action orientated team – who, I would add, like to help customers resolve any issues).

Pages of comments and views, somewhat polarized into the two camps.
It is the controversial that makes it popular I suspect.

Is this useful, not sure.  However fun to observe and take part in the conversation.

(Have also been trying polls, you can vote here… and here )

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