Week 9 of lockdown: Out and about… a little more

It seemed like this last week the world decided enough is enough and we are all ready to get back to normal… restrictions were being lifted and it felt like the lockdown pressure went down somewhat at home and work… these are the observations for the week.

  • With less car travel and no traffic, shopping is now more by foot… and with more people out, as we all dutifully waited to carefully pass each other, I was in my first official people jam this week
  • However, not everyone seemed to have the same interpretation of social distancing in the queue… 2m is 2m surely not 75cm… everyone is definitely getting nearer
  • At work, work intensity has been steadily increasing everywhere. Everyone has been super busy, especially with exit strategy planning. However, with most of the day on conference calls, school work balance has been tough this week… we still need to remember that kids at home still need attention I think

Let’s see what this week brings, hopefully, the progress continues… have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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