Week 15 lockdown: Lockdown forgotten?

This week we had some great summer weather, the beaches were packed and it was announced the bars/pubs will open; the daily COVID press briefing has now been cancelled and even Joe Wicks’ daily PE workout has scaled back… no more fancy dress Fridays…. Lockdown is in the process of being forgotten it seems – the virus, patently not gone away – so a time of change and caution. Observations for this week.

  • Are more people wearing glasses during lockdown? Noticed my eyesight for one has definitely got worse… maybe it is all the looking at the screen, although it could just be age…!
  • As the volume of work has gone up, so has my biscuit consumption (again)… we are all snacking more apparently… my pain au chocolat attempt turned out well – although with a pack of butter in each batch the word of the week will be moderation for sure
  • Workwise, I gave a presentation at a virtual conference this week. Fascinating how the format has changed, adapted and how well too. Global sessions, discussion and information access, all an enhanced capability from lockdown I think

Monday tomorrow and another week… have a good one everybody… @chris_w_tweet

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