Week 17 lockdown: Greenshoots or just not ripe enough to tell yet?

With lockdown easing, it feels we are all seemingly trying to return to normal (with even a £30bn package to help us do so). Hotels, B&B’s, and holiday accommodation are starting to open and bookings have gone through the roof. We have not shaken the pandemic yet but it does feel we just want to take a break and just enjoy the summer at least. Observations for the week…

  • Being couped up so much, I realized this week I have been watching many TV shows filmed in sunnier climes… googling the filming locations and then planning (what will likely be imaginary) future holidays… too much time at home!
  • We have also been locked down so long, I have also noticed some reminiscences starting to creep in… ah the early days of lockdown… wasn’t good when we all used to get together on zoom… or the jokes on WhatsApp… weren’t they hilarious (or not?). The mind does strange things sometimes.
  • Workwise, the rolling extension of the payment holiday schemes across market sectors and of course the summer statement & economic stimulus was news… crunch time is gradually creeping up on us and from a few fronts it feels.

More this week no doubt… have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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