Times are a changing

News this week has of course been dominated by the Queen, sadly passing away, now succeeded by King Charles.

My first thoughts were, of course with the family, it is no doubt a difficult time for them.
My second thought was how to avoid the full force of the blizzard of news seemingly on every TV channel, newspaper, radio interview, and all across social media… in the UK it has been relentless.

For some, this coverage has been overwhelming, for others, perhaps reminding them of their own experiences of loss, difficult, whilst those remaining simply a poignant marker of a key point in history… it is though without doubt change and a change of an era.

For me, times like this also bring into stark contrast that, no matter who we are, our time on earth is limited and the wind of change is constant.

This is a fact I often find easier to avoid than confront. Sticking my head in the sand, and creating a routine that allows everything to appear unchanging is in fact incredibly comforting… until it changes, when it then can leave us even more unprepared.

And, if we look at the world around us over the last few years, change is afoot. Even looking at the week before all this happened it was the case.. a focus on the cost of energy, its economic impact and announcement of government support… potentially huge changes and impacts for many.

We may be distracted for now, but this change has still not gone away… and it is one we need to stay prepared for too… it will return.

So as the next 7-10 days roll by it is worth observing events closely, thinking what can we learn, maybe reflecting on the Queen’s life and the organization of final arrangements…

  • Playing a clear role with dedication… working towards a higher purpose
  • Making the most of the time we have… to get things done
  • Thinking ahead for future transition and change… having a plan
  • Practicing and preparing… making the plan happen

Certainly using this event as inspiration, sounds better than canceling everything just to watch it all unfold on TV…

… and having a solid plan, with actions, will hopefully leave us better prepared to handle the wind of change that is sure to return… and return again it will… too soon most likely.

My motto for the week… “don’t think like an Emu”…

Have a good week everyone…

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