It is starting to feel…

It has been a bit strange this year; I seem to have struggled to feel Christmassy for some reason.

  • Maybe it’s because Christmas is on a Monday, and everything seems to have run much longer, busy until Friday.
  • Maybe it’s because we all work remotely these days, and there is now less routine since the pandemic, or…
  • Maybe, and this cannot be ruled out, it’s that I am just getting older!

It’s not like I haven’t tried… I think I have watched every Christmas movie going, I have eaten over four boxes of mince pies. I have certainly enjoyed the all Christmas parties, they have helped.

But now, on Christmas Eve, it is upon us. The house is cleaned, the turkey is defrosted(ing), and the nut roast is cooked. It is really starting to feel like Christmas.

It now seems inevitable; finally, the Christmas spirit is rising.

So at this point, I wanted to wish everyone, if you celebrate it, a wonderful Christmas, and if not, then best wishes for the season…

Thanks for all the help and support this year… will see you all on the other side.

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