This week I was able to travel to London to attend OSS/BSS World.
Really good to be back in the UK and it was great to be asked back to present at the conference again.

My topic this year was Risk 2.0, the evolution of risk management.
There are many similarities between Risk Operations in Financial Services and Telecommunications (and indeed Utilities).  What is interesting is to be able to take the knowledge from one industry and transfer to the next, often to great effect and financial benefit.

Lots of other good speakers there too.
There were a couple of interesting topics that really had me thinking.

  • CenturyLink have been able to implement Transpromo on their bills, good results and feedback.
  • O2 in the UK also had some really interesting info around using GPS location on cell phones to highly target advertising and offers to their subscribers.

Lastly I there was an interesting conversation regarding the idea of subsidizing handset and calls (ie free phones) using targeted advertising (similar to the Google model).

The feedback however was whilst this worked for some segments, the segments most likely attractive to advertisers are not necessarily the subscribers who are most attracted by the free phone.  This disconnect represents a real challenge to the idea, however an interesting discussion nonetheless.

All in all another very interesting, good session.

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