EUCI conference

Was able to present at the EUCI Credit and Collections conference this year.
Some interesting speakers and good discussion, especially around the use of modelling within a structured, regulated, public utility infrastructure.

What was interesting was, although there are differences the dynamics around risk operations and collections is very much the same, although the speed of change is significantly influenced by constraints on funding.
This is especially driven by the fact this is largely supported by tax payer dollars and they are trying to maximize tax payer value and value to the community they work in.

However the theme was clear.
Many of the same techniques will work well in this space and the industry is evolving on similar lines.
A robust Risk Operations process is a good way to yield investment dollars. This is funding on the balance sheet that can be released.

Another thought provoking discussion was how behavioral modelling can be beneficial from a legal point of view.
This was a linkage I had not really thought about before, and comes into play when you are providing a service that is a viewed as a necessity.

If you capture the right information upfront, this info can be built into the model and hence the treatment strategy.  This allows the strategy to be consistent and customized for the customers situation.
Importantly is also allows the treatment to be standard and really objective.  (it is about being fair and consistent)

All in all a great discussion, with a good group who are really working hard to do the right thing.

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