Week 10 of lockdown: Where next…?

The psychological relaxation of restrictions seems to continue apace with traffic on the roads and beaches full, but the question top of mind this week is where next now… the observations for this week.

  • The volume of internet memes definitely seems to have subsided… seems we are all ready to get out and move on… certainly feels these observations are getting harder to find too.
  • I have managed to buy flour locally, so I have been making bread and yet more toasted sandwiches. In fact I seem to be focused on recreating the Pret-A-Manager menu… Pain au Raisin and Pain au chocolate are still to be perfected.. but who knew!
  • The COVID haircut… I finally gave in and got my first this week… not too bad to be honest, it is harder than it looks and I will be returning to the barber when they are open.
  • Work-wise we did have some clarity from the FCA on the payment holiday extension which was big news – however this prompts to think about what plans we would need for another 3, 6 or even 9 months! (there’s a cheery thought 🙁 )

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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