Week 11 lockdown: Exit or not?

Another interesting week and it does feel like we have all forgotten lockdown even existed. Maybe it is the weather, maybe we are just used to it, but there is a sense that everything feels more normal than maybe it really is…. lockdown themes for last week

  • You know you have been locked down too long when you start to recognize delivery drivers, and they recognize you
  • I have found some great live streams on Twitch and YouTube. Some of these folks really understand how social media and online works… they were really very good and I really felt very old
  • Definitely more cars on the road and people about… still not too many planes in the sky though
  • Exit plan discussions and refreshing of details continued at work… now advanced and there is a real sense of the quiet before the storm going on

Another week starts, hopefully more great weather. Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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