Week 7 of lockdown: Getting used to remote working

It is now the start of week 7 and it feels like we are getting used to remote working. It is no longer new, we understand how it works now and feels that some of the more dynamics are starting to return…. a good thing I think. Still some new observations for this week

  • We have 3 people at home, one working in the kitchen… the noise of the microwave and boiling kettles… is disturbing the now frequent audio and video calls… I am getting banned and it is impacting my cups of tea and lunch… now considering buying a 2nd kettle?
  • I have been pretty much shut in for the last 6 weeks, however, I did need to go to the local shop this week. What a breath of normality, the life we used to have – it really was a highlight in my week.
  • Spending so much time on constant calls, I am using my headphones a lot. I even managed to drop them in my cup of coffee this week and they still survived… I do wonder if they are making me hard of hearing mind you… disco deafness… without the party!
  • Lastly, I have decided May, is going to be a month of moderation. Less sneaky salty snacks and drinks, more water, and exercise. I am not exactly a monk nor a rockstar, just a bit of a steer to a more sustainable healthy lifestyle… it is time. #moderationmay

Have a good week everyone…. @chris_w_tweet

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