Week 8 of lockdown: Waiting for normal

With some nice weather* have been feeling the need to get out and do stuff this week…. the risk is still there of course, not much has changed, but this is going to get harder in the summer for sure. More observations for this week

  • A big news item at the start of the week was Joe Wicks broken hand. His wife Rosie gamely stepped in, resulting in all sorts of conversation in our house…. now we both can share body envy… would I, (and would I really…) have done the same (in front of 500K followers). Hats off to them both… it was really great
  • Screentime requests are already a thing, now we have Minecraft Mumbling… I am trying to reduce device dependence, but is so hard when kids are chatting with friends… it has been a struggle
  • Hosted my first webinar this week… it was fun… apparently I have a radio voice quite different from normal… was the feedback from home…
  • I discovered matrix multiplication functions in excel… I was genuinely ‘excited’…. how can I have missed this all these years!
  • Workwise… everyone is starting to think about what happens next too… open banking was mentioned a lot… I suspect it will be different flavours of the same… we will know more tonight I suspect…

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

* weather in the UK this is…sorry to the folks in Canada where there were snow flurries….in May… what’s that all about!

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