Week 12 lockdown: Slowly does it

Do I really want to return to commuting...

Lockdown continues to slowly ease in the UK, it is increasingly hard to remember when out… Queue lines are closer and everything feels very laissez-faire. Tensions abound, however, with demonstrations in the UK and around the world. A cause which has caught the eye and support of many of us here.

With the throngs on the street, together with crowds on the beach and even VE day, you just wonder if this is building for another pandemic wave…. maybe the summer, sun and fresh air will help… I still hope this is the case. Here are the lockdown themes for this week.

  • With the easing of lockdown, have trying to arrange some trips out. However have actually struggled to get time in the diary; a zoom catch up here, a video evening get together there… so not much different to normal really…!
  • I realize I really have discovered new things (and suppliers) as a result of lockdown – ones that will continue. For example my local flour mill of all things (during the flour shortage), really very good – made fresh pizza this week, which did not help the diet plan!
  • Work wise everyone is still planning for the upcoming wave of work. Very busy still, but somewhat eerie. We have been refreshing our guidance and also pulling together a few video shorts which will hopefully be out soon.

The week is about to start… have a good one everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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