Week 14 lockdown: Activity ramping up

This week was busy, plenty to do at work. For most people, those I speak to, activity does seem to be ramping up…. indeed frenetic in some areas… I just hope these are green shoots (a micro-indicator) for a wider rebound rather than just stress in the economy… fingers crossed. The observations for this week.

  • It has been the longest day this weekend, so with the light, I have not been sleeping as well at night… why is it then the only place you can fall fast asleep is in broad daylight on the sofa… it just makes no sense.
  • With the prospects of visitors and being out in public again, thoughts are turning to dress shirts and ironing again. Not something I have missed – comfy clothes rule.
  • Work-wise; chatting with folks around the world it has been interesting how lockdown has been such a common experience everywhere – something we have all been through – albeit with slightly different outcomes… it did feel that we may continue to diverge more from this point on mind you.

The start of another week. Have a good one everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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