Week 16 lockdown: Starting to glimpse the future?

Lockdown really started to relax this week, with traffic jams to the coast, pubs open, and even getting your haircut. As it relaxes, is a little glimpse of our future normal now being seen? Observations for this week.

  • Watching how homeschooling has evolved it is interesting just how prevalent video calling with friends has become… and not just friends in the same school but even different countries… geographic distance has really shrunk… video is here to stay
  • I was out in the car this week, and after 16 weeks largely locked down driving felt very unnatural… it soon came back, but was interesting how skills really need continual re-enforcing
  • Workwise, everyone is saying that working from home is intense, especially with no travel… brains feel fried at the end of the day… maybe we learn from the youngsters and virtual video coffee breaks are the answer? One to mull over

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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