Week 19 lockdown: Taking a break

It was a little different this week with the first week of summer vacation and some really nice weather in the UK… good thing is I have been able to get out and about a little more… some observations for the week.

  • There seem to be definite groupings regarding adherence to social distancing and wearing masks… some people were strictly following the guidance, with others very relaxed… and very much the same where ever I went… ‘tutto il mondo è paese’
  • Indeed, sometimes is was easy to forget there ever was a lockdown, people were outside and life really seemed almost as normal… definitely some danger of forgetting and I had to check myself a few times…! (especially in the face of increasing rates elsewhere too)
  • Work wise, taking a break has been important… it is a good opportunity for us all to use this time in lockdown to refresh a little…

Another week, hopefully the weather holds… have a good one everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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