Time to relax a little?: Weekly Roundup 24th July 2020

This week has undoubtedly been a quieter week with a little time off work. However the news cycle continues with the main news (outside of politics) still being economic projections on the impact of lockdown.

  • Mortgage, credit card and loan businesses all seem to have struggled during lockdown, with credit card spending down 50% and mortgage lenders tightening criteria… this will likely flow through to impact lender business dynamics longer term, so one to watch
  • An interesting story on credit score hotspots in CCR magazine, the best and worst credit scores by area… Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire if you were wondering
  • With all the tough economic news, Coronavirus and Brexit looming, many firms are curtailing investment due to uncertainty… this is when many are also calling for more digital investment… it will be important to make some key decisions in this area… it will be turning points for many businesses I suspect. (in addition preparation for a no-deal Brexit outcome seems to have worsened for many firms too… largely due to COVID19)
  • Lastly, it seems it is not just me but, we have all been spending more on tea and biscuits during lockdown… are digestive sales are through the roof?!

This week has however, for me, underlined the importance of taking some time off. I know it can be difficult… especially when it is so easy to cancel, work is hectic with video calls and returning to normal… but taking a bit of time to decompress can be really beneficial… it is definitely not worth cancelling the leave.

Have a good weekend everyone…. @chris_w_tweet

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