Week 18 lockdown: Touching normality

The summer holidays here, restrictions are easing (for now) and there was a sense of making up for lost time this week… a sense of normality is returning… holiday trips being booked, days out with friends and at work investment meetings to get things moving again… it has been quite a remarkable journey so far.

Still some more observations this week.

  • This was the week, with all the activity, my bandwidth finally gave out… 3 simultaneous video calls and it was starting to creak… maybe an excuse to revert to audio only?!
  • I have been sorting through things these last few months… just found out if you leave stuff in boxes long enough, without getting rid of it, you find out it was actually useful… I think it may be a circular formula… am I destined to never throw anything away again…!
  • Workwise, some more grim economic projections this week and everyone is expecting a wave of delinquency volume to flow through. Digital investment is definitely opening-up… and plenty to do before it arrives… more preparedness needs to be underway for sure

Enjoy the upcoming week everyone… we will see what it brings… @chris_w_tweet

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