Week 20: End of Staycation

The weather held, which really has been great news for all of us taking staycations… even when WFH, with the shorter commute, it has been easier to make more of the weather, which has been a real advantage too… observations for this week.

  • With getting out for holidays, I finally made it to a Starbucks… a very strange social distanced experience… literally no one there… felt more like a wild west film than the M6 services… (coffee the same… although still not made it to Prêt a Manager!)
  • I realized my main obstacle to wearing a mask had been my fear of looking silly… once got over myself was really no problem and of course, it is important we do
  • Workwise, with more localized lockdown restrictions, have been thinking about how the ongoing impact will become increasingly complicated. Some people and businesses will be affected, others not… with all the permutations in-between. Flexibility is going to become more important

With another week about to start, have a good one everybody… @chris_w_tweet

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