Week 21: The return of the office

Back in the swing of things this week after a brief break. Caught up with quite a few people together with, of course, a large email inbox. So have been in a reflective mood… the thought for the week… the return of the office

Many of us have really enjoyed working from home. Not commuting has given us extra time in the day and many people are finding themselves more productive.

I for one have enjoyed benefits. I have found it more productive and much easier to catch up with many more people, indeed all over the world. I have even been able to get some exercise in. (Not to mention running the car for 20 weeks of one tank of fuel).

However, after 20 weeks, a lack of direct social interaction is finally starting to wear thin… maybe it is just the realization of being stuck in the same room every day, having tasted a little freedom on holiday… it could be time to sneak another Starbucks!

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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