Week 24: Outdoor – Indoor Eating

It’s a long weekend here, so an extra day off. Things really do seem quite normal again, certainly with the traffic. Thoughts for this week.

  • Video call etiquette. This is sending me into a spin… on or off?… There are definitely ‘video on’ and ‘video off’ people… firm opinions on either side… I am losing count of the number of times I am the only one on video, my face looming large, or sheepishly having to turn it on half-way through a call hoping no one notices… still working on this one!
  • Everyone is now starting to eat out again and there seems to be a trend in ‘outdoor eating’, really to work around capacity constraints of eating indoors. Yet as the weather cools, outdoor seating is now starting to go undercover, then with wind barriers, then heaters… I mean when does outdoors become indoors… it is all going to get confusing…!
  • Workwise, I know I have previously mentioned my fondness for Pret-A-Manager, but spare a thought for their employees this week (and for many others elsewhere)… the economy is changing before our eyes and it is a time for uncertainty for many… will try to support

Stay safe everyone, have a good week… @chris_w_tweet

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