Week 25: Back to school again

A return to school this week was also a return again to getting up early… it was all a bit of a blur – it felt early. However it did mark a step towards more normality so I hope is a good thing… observations from this week.

  • I have been observing our local high street – which shops have re-opened and those that have not. It felt like a commentary on services we need, those we use, and those run with a profit margin for hard times… fortunately in the main things seem to be coming back.
  • I also noticed this week how unusual it is getting to have actual phone calls… most are teams or zoom meetings these days and using the phone now feels an extra step… how times have changed and so quickly too
  • Workwise, a couple of really interesting conversations on using digital to redesign and rethink processes so they are better. Also, the debate on pure offsite vs onsite working continues. It’s a time of change and new ideas for sure.

Have a great week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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