Week 26: Falling into a normal routine

Traffic jams are starting, with people clearly outside and in the office last week. It was quite a full week, and like many people, was glad for the weekend, and some warmer weather. The last hurrah before autumn maybe? Observations for the week.

  • I have definitely been in lockdown too long… tried some hot chilli sauce on a meal out last week and it seemed just really mild… not like the stuff cooked at home… maybe I have been overdoing it with those hot peppers!
  • My fuel consumption is also starting to increase… filled up the car again… I mean 25 weeks and only 2 tanks used (and this included a trip to Scotland and back)… 2 more weeks and another tank gone…things are starting to change
  • Workwise, there is more and more concern over economic impacts expected in October… discussion on how to handle this and using this as an opportunity to re-engineer processes for customers were definitely, themes coming through

More this week no doubt… have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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