Back to the Future – new beginnings?

The good news this week, COVID cases seemed to start to moderate here. The new restrictions have been in place for a while now and it looks like we will hear more about next steps this week… so fingers crossed for year-end.

Observations for the week.

  • The video calls have continued to be as popular as ever. There was a bit of a debate this week on how it is changing the dynamics of things. Undoubtedly many are missing face to face meetings, however, some are also finding video calls, with more frequent contact, can actually help build stronger business relationships… this development will be interesting.
  • Also a gap is widening on the attitude to the future. Some are clearly really starting to embrace the situation… rather than living in expectation we will go back to the way it was before… new restrictions, they just carry on… with minimal impact… feels a positive move for now.
  • Workwise, more boxes also returned from the office to home. The ‘home office’ is starting more and more to have a permanent feel about it… I mean I know we have been like this for a while but definitely starting to feel like it is normalising now.

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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