Falling back into lockdown routine

It was hard to keep up last week, there was so much going on news-wise… lockdown 2.0 in England, red zones in Italy, and escalating cases in France, also under a national lockdown… mind you all of this seemed to backseat to the US election… which seems to have now reached (albeit a somewhat messy) conclusion… it did make a for a change I suppose… back to normal now – if we can call is normal?… observations from last week.

  • Even with lockdown restarting, there did seem to be very little impact on traffic… it fact it seemed busier than I remembered when I went out… not quite sure what was going on…
  • This week was bonfire night, party celebration were somewhat subdued… however this did allow for practice on toasted marshmallow perfection and s’mores.. no lockdown shortages there!
  • Workwise, had an interesting conversation regarding staffing drivers in the industry… definitely more emphasis on digital skills and remote working… it really does seem things are changing.

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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