Help I don’t speak cat…

Last week felt like a long week… much of it has to do with a lack of variety in the day I think, which has been an issue during lockdowns… the odd trip to the office here, a visit to a client there, it just adds interest and breaks up the week… hopefully we will be back running soon… still observations for this week.

  • More and more businesses seem to be adapting to the new digital world. This week, the local vet… telehealth for pets… who would have thought… they have trouble explaining their symptoms mind you. Even with AI, google translate for cat and dog is likely some way off…!
  • The length of the lockdown (or a consequence of home office perma-snacking) means new clothes are now needed… fitting seems to be hard to replicate digitally… yet another trip to the post office tomorrow to return my ‘aspirational sizings’…!
  • Workwise, constant video calls continue. A comment was made, and contrary to some views, that these are actually helping build stronger relationships… small frequent video calls really help apparently… is it time to stop trying to replicate the 3-5 hour workshop online… a new medium so maybe a new approach…

Have a good week everyone…. @chris_w_ tweet

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