Lockdown II: The Holiday Special…!

Slowly this month, across Europe, we have been reentering a new period of lockdown… France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland and more all have new restrictions… whilst closer to home… Wales, Scotland, NI and last night (yes on Halloween) England also announced changes… so it is with a collective sigh of inevitability (not to mention a pack of toilet roll and bottle of wine) we start all over again… humph… still observations for this week.

  • With the lockdown due to start here on Thursday, face to face socialising now seems extra precious… lingering small talk over coffee before Thursday, a rush to be the one who puts the bins out or the school run, just to get out of the house, after that… all highly likely to happen!
  • Do birthday cards in the age of COVID now seem harder to buy… with my phone going off every few minutes with some funny meme or other, the bar for comedic value feels like it is being raised… unexpected!
  • Workwise, it really felt like things were getting back to normal recently, but now everything is up in the air again… all eyes are on Monday, the volume and the regulator, really to see what happens next… undoubtedly smoother than last time, but expecting more change.

Let’s see how it unfolds tomorrow… try to have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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