Lockdown roadworks…!

Another lockdown week, another weekend, and that cooped up inside feeling is starting to return again. This lockdown period seems harder than the first somehow… even though the restrictions are less… there is something psychological going on it feels… the observations for this week

  • Last week I wrote about the increased traffic, which is still the same… busy… but this week there were roadworks too… many major routes seem to be now under construction… it is not a great mix for the morning run!
  • Workwise, it also feels like meetings are now also getting shorter… mine are typically down to 30min… maybe video calls are more efficient or are we just trying to fit more in?… not quite sure what changed…
  • The pandemic of course is still there too, and we should also spare a thought again for health care workers, teachers, and those in direct customer-facing roles. In a second wave it can be hard, but we should be grateful for their support, just like we were in the first. I know we all trying to just get on with life, but a big thank you is in order again too.

Have a great week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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