Ho Ho Holidays… almost

This Christmas season is certainly shaping up to be unusual. Mine has so far been less singing carols and sipping hot chocolate, more eating mince pies and watching box sets on TV. Still, we have a week or so to get in the festive spirit, so will be making an effort now, I may even get the Christmas jumper out… observations for last week.

  • Most of us now type all day every day. This is the time of year when I notice just how much out of practice I am at handwriting… it’s getting more difficult too… must practice in 2021.
  • We have a recent trend of street food vendors visiting locally for take out food… Is this a consequence of fewer music festivals and events? Absolutely not complaining mind you as it’s delicious.
  • Workwise everyone is still full steam ahead. There is definitely a sense of making up for lost time from the spring. I am wondering, with lots of people working from home and the office being just so accessible, how many of us will actually work between Christmas and New year this year. Tempting maybe, but sometimes we all do need a break… which I think needs to be the plan!

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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