Last Christmas… the very next day it was taken away!

Well, the festive spirit (the one I have been trying to find) seemed to evaporate this weekend with the announcement of new sudden restrictions for the holidays. Christmas has been cancelled in our house. With New Year already banned it is been pretty disappointing.

It was something to look forward to, some normality, in what has been a pretty tough year.

Still, some observations for the week.

  • It is amazing how perspectives change. Working from home, with little opportunity to go out, has suddenly made the school run much more fun… outside, in the car, real shoes, real people… a real joy.
  • With the arrival of holidays comes presents… I have found myself wrapping presents, writing cards, only to realize I have missed something off or not included an element – must start earlier next year to have more time… mind you I say this every year!
  • Workwise, the theme this week has to be planning, and how good planning, setting expectations early, really makes a difference… Christmas will be tough for many folks here. We need to learn from it and think about what we can do to support friends, families and neighbours.

Hope everyone has a good week this week and on Friday.. stay safe everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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