A very merry digital virtual Christmas

Friday was of course Christmas Day in the UK. With some of us plunged into the purgatory of lockdown, before or after, it felt different this year… dare I admit, actually a little less stressful, less rushing about and more relaxing… still some observations from the week.

  • Spending time on video calls with family and friends this year, the big question was – MSTeams or Zoom? We picked the one associated less with work (Zoom it turned out). How quickly this has evolved, different apps for different purposes… feels even work-life balance is going digital now.
  • My cat, who is of course not digital, is now on a diet. She cut a forlorn figure these festivities spending nearly the entire time hoovering the kitchen for potential treats or turkey snacks… I worry it is a premonition of my post Christmas future, on a diet, searching the bottom of the freezer for bits of pizza… time to skip the next mince pie!
  • Lastly, I have been still reviewing the news this week. Workwise the news has been rather quieter than I ever remember (Brexit excepted)… Were we all exhausted and really needed the break? We certainly seem to have made the most of it… and still a few more days too.

Best wishes everyone, have a good rest of 2020… @chris_w_tweet

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