Humpf day

For many of us, today is humpf day… the last day of holiday before we return to normality; work, school and of course that which cannot be put off any longer, new year diets.

I am not quite sure what happens with my psychology on holiday? I start by thinking, ‘we are on holiday, let’s treat ourselves’ and then after a week switch to ‘the holiday is almost over let’s have a treat before it is done’… before you know it the mince pie supply is running low and all that is left in the festive pack of biscuits are the pink dry wafers, the ones no-one wants. This year was no different.

So January is typically the month to regain control, less calories, less alcohol and maybe less meat. However, with COVID rates rising and most of us back in lockdown, this year it will also be about doing more… More masks, more hand washing and in particular more support for health professionals, teachers and emergency services. They are still there, keeping us safe, and it is appreciated.

So – more or less – we are at the start of a new week and new year… it’s time to get moving again…

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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