New Year – Déjà Vu

Another week gone and definitely back into the lockdown routine… Not going out, not meeting folks, and lots of tea with biscuits; my excitement this weekend… defrosting the freezer. Roll-on spring, longer days, and the vaccine… at this point I think we all need it.

Still the observations for this week.

  • I was out in the car this week, for the weekly grocery shop again, click and collect. Interesting how quickly driving can feel rusty… fortunately not many cars out so all was good.
  • Lockdown can be a good time to learn new skills… at the end of a long day sitting inside, somehow this is never that easy. I am just not feeling the flush of extra time this time around… all my efforts are currently on trying to avoid new season box sets on TV… ‘this is the way’!
  • Workwise, there are definite trends to shorter calls. Less are standard 30min or 1hr blocks it seems. More are quick check-ins, also across multiple locations… are new, digital, ways of working now becoming more normalised… maybe?

Everyone stay safe, and cheerful… better days are around the corner…

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