Return to New Normal or Nearly Normal

Everything picked up this week, a real sense of momentum and movement, which I sense has cheered us all up.

We even had snow today, which really helped break the monotony of lockdown. Everyone was outside it seemed and the landscape was peppered with snowmen. Socially distanced of course.

Still there were some observations for the week.

  • I needed to make a few calls over the week to action a few things I could not do online. How is it, everytime I call, I seem to get the ‘we are experiencing unusually high volume’ message, no matter the time of the day. Who are these people calling at these odd hours… apart from me of course!
  • The ‘big news’ at home is one of my cats is now on a special diet. She is still showing a preference for the old food, but more startling has been the other cat which will now only eat the special diet. So neither of them are eating the right stuff now. This all struck me as very human… internal cat politics I suppose!
  • Workwise, everything is back to life, busy and starting to feel more normal, working entirely remote. Reportedly after 9 months new habits form, and I wonder what this means for when this is all over – I still don’t miss the commute!

Another week starts, have a good week everyone.

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