The new business casual?

Another weekend and lockdown fatigue is starting to set in again. It has happened quicker this time than last. There certainly seem to be less novelty video calls at home, quizzes at work, and merriment with memes on the phone. With a vaccine and sense of potential ‘freedom’, maybe the current situation is just harder this time around… the observations for this week.

  • Are ‘tracky bottoms’ (sweat pants in N America) now officially becoming the new business casual? On a call this week, we were asked ‘how many of you have put a shirt on just for this call’, it was yes all around… but no, no PJs allowed!
  • We have also been watching lots of movies in lockdown. So many in fact that I can now get halfway through a movie before realizing I have already seen it, and then still not remember how it ends. Still, at least they are fresh the second time around, and great value for money too!
  • Workwise, with lockdown, the trend has been all-digital. However, some interesting debates this week on the limit of all this and where humans are still needed. Relationships really do matter, which as this lockdown arrangement becomes more normalized is something we need to ensure we still build in.

Have a good week everyone.

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