Brrrring on Spring

Last weekend felt like spring and by contrast this weekend back in the deep freeze. However, out on the bike for a ride, there were still lots of people also outside too.

At this point I think we all need it, and as we used to say in Canada, it is never too cold, you are just wearing the wrong clothing. It seems like nothing is stopping us here now either. Observations for this week

  • 6 weeks in and the haircut situation is starting to become untenable. Another week in and the buzzcuts are going to start again if they have not already… it is tempting, but will be chilly on the ears this time of year!
  • Being stuck at home for so long now, more social infrastructures are setting up online. Now they can, of course, be geographically independent and connections are ever more spreading all over the world even. Fascinating and quite exciting really, but just wonder if we will all ever meet?
  • Workwise, I have finally got my newsletter sorted out for my website and videos, it just needed some tinkering. The usage data available these days is interesting, the challenge is going to be not getting sucked down into a ‘rabbit hole’ of analysis. If I go missing you know where I am!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, have a good week all.

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