…don’t pave the cow path

With schools back, daily life is increasingly resembling some form of normality. However, Easter is around the corner and thoughts are now turning to summer holidays. The potential for continued travel restrictions over the summer was not great news this week. Hopefully, things continue to improve and we avoid them… a summer ice cream on the beach would be just the ticket at the moment… something to visualize this week to keep me going!

Still a few observations this week.

  • Have you ever noticed how pets (my cat in this instance), sleep all day, stand up, stretch, then just turn around and go back to bed… mind you maybe they think this about us too… on zoom calls humans watch a screen all day, stand up, stretch and then just watch the screen again!
  • Workwise, a discussion re-arose this week on digital transformation, an area of focus the last 12months for sure. However, are we just digitizing what we have already? There is new plenty of new capability and interesting functionality that can fundamentally change processes… Communications is an interesting area in particular.

Expecting a busy week next week, so time for a quick rest, stretch and rest, before the weekend is over… have a good week everyone.

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