One year on…

This week marked a milestone. One year since the start of lockdown started and a year since these weekly observations started.

Sometimes it is worth looking back… how we seemed to be in complete shock at the time, stuck at home, routines changed, wondering exactly what would happen next.

Today much of the situation feels normalized, more every day, we have largely got used to it… a new normal so to speak.

Of course between then and now we also need to remember all the people who have been impacted.

Many people have become sick, sadly passed away, lost a job, their income, or simply been a relative or a healthcare professional who have had to provide incredible levels of support. Then there are teachers, supermarket workers, postal workers, delivery drivers and everyone who has kept the wheels of society turning.

One of the things we have learnt is how everything is interconnected, how we all need to support each other… hopefully this is something that continues.

Clearly, the pandemic is still far from over. However, with a vaccine, greater confidence understanding treatment and transmission things are looking more optimistic… there is good news.

So a bit different this week, to mark an anniversary…

Everyone stay safe and have a good week.

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