The work-life-school balance

With many schools in the UK restarting last week, this week marks a big step for many parents… the end of homeschooling.

Hopefully a change in the right direction for all of us. Some quick observations so far.

  • Time seemed to change in nature with the week passing at a different rate as the structure of the day changed… not sure if this is good or not yet!
  • The was change was felt by the kids too, with a comment that is maybe a portent for our own return to the office… “too many people, all day, it is exhausting”!
  • Lastly, workwise, I also heard several discussions, let’s say, take a jovial, yet more relaxed tone last week… a bit more of the office banter returned.

We will get used to it, just hope we can keep this going. Have a good week everyone…

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