A long time ago, in a galaxy not far away…

With this week being largely vacation the pace of life slowed somewhat.

My cat for one seemed to notice, or at least I noticed back. It seemly spent the week practicing Jedi mind stares on me for food and treats… believe me the force is strong in that one!

From tomorrow, lockdown ends here (again), with the shops, and seemingly importantly the hairdressers/barbers, re-opening.

In England at least it will have been over 90 days since everything closed. It is actually longer than the 80 days of the first lockdown. However, despite some extremely bad hair days, it just hasn’t had the drama of the first time around. Isn’t it amazing quickly we adjust and adapt?

Workwise with many folks back at work after Easter together with a feeling of turning a corner, I suspect it will be busier this week.

It may not be a jump to hyperspace, but progress will hopefully now accelerate again towards the summer.

Have a good week everyone…

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