Time to upgrade?

This last week I tried to make an effort to upgrade lunch. After a year of lockdown and soggy ham sandwiches, I figured there is still a little time to enjoy a change before a return to office canteen food.

Unfortunately, this master plan ran into a slight snag. Namely, whenever lunch was, it always seemed to need to be made in the 10 minutes between video calls.

Creating new fresh lunch ideas, every day, in 10 minutes, was just too tough…so back to cuppa-soup next week… potato and leek I think. (dare I say I am looking forward to canteen food?)

Workwise elsewhere, there was consensus on how busy things have become, especially since the Easter break. Businesses it seems are starting to move back into BAU, and gearing for growth again.

Undoubtedly one of the good things to come out the last 12months is just how accessible people have been. Video calling has after all meant less travelling, moving between offices and long continuous meetings.

Extra time has been created in the diary to meet more people, including employees, friends and family. As frenetic as it sometimes feels, this has made us all more accessible.

On balance it has probably been a good thing. I hope this is something we don’t lose, when we are back.

Have a good week everyone.

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