Video delivery…

Last week has been the run-up to Easter and the question of the week was why do things always seem to get busier right before a few days off? Why does it always feel like a rush to the finish line?

All week, I also seemed to be running the gauntlet of deliveries and post arriving, during calls. Something does seem to have changed?

Rather than just dropping packages off, they now seem to ring and wait, staring at me (who is clearly on a video call) through the window. I cannot even hide or pretend I am out, although mad waving does sometimes seems to work!

It may be manageable for now, but not exactly sure how this is all going to work when we are back in the office!

Speaking of which, it does seem that discussions are now moving on how this will actually work. A hybrid approach, blending home and office seems likely. We will no doubt need to see how the next few weeks go to see if we move forward.

For now, I know that most folks have been looking forward to a few well-deserved days off… if you were able to get a break, I hope it has been a good one.

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