Lateral reality… coming into focus

This last week was a travel week, the first for a while and as familiar as it all was, undoubtedly a few things have changed…

  • Masks. They have of course been mandatory for a while, but with all the talking, they were definitely getting manky more quickly… frequent changes needed.
  • Frequent testing. A lateral flow test both before going on-site and going home… “this is clearly going to be part of my new reality”, I thought, completing it in the car, at the motorway service station, one evening.
  • Lastly, I seem to have found a solution to the binge-watching of TV series, which all seemed designed with fantastic cliffhangers to just compel you to start the next episode… the result being… lack of sleep. I realized it can all be solved by simply stopping each at the halfway point… no cliffhanger… sweet dreams… and fresh in the morning… so far so good!

It is Sunday, another week awaits…. have a good one everyone

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