One cup or two?

Another week and judging by the number of pieces of paper on my desk, indicating things to do (and to remember – it’s all very high tech!), things are looking up. It is now likely I will be out and about again soon.

Whilst there is nothing as good as a piece of paper on your keyboard to remember to do something, I am starting to think this, and some of my other ‘management systems’, which have built up over lockdown are going to have to readjust to life on the road again… more change.

Another area of adjustment, refreshment. Having moved from drinking coffee on the road, to tea at home, it has saved a bundle. However in this journey, I now seem to have moved from cups to mugs, let it brew to leave the bag in, and now add a second bag to the cup, all in search of a good cuppa.

Only this week I was thinking ‘are making the tea less strong these days…’ but maybe this is not the problem. With the spectre of buying coffee again, this could get very expensive, very quickly… so time to cut back I think!

All joking aside, it is nice to be considering these things again. Fingers crossed it continues.

Have a good week everyone.

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