Socially distanced coincidence?

A couple of new developments expected this week with the prospect of lockdown restrictions being further relaxed here.

The timing of all this has come as a bit of a relief as I am due to be away for a few days and the combination of outdoor dining and the current weather did not sound particularly enticing.

And, with all the focus on social distancing over the last year, I have noticed that something, subconsciously, could be going on. Parking the car the other day, all the vehicles were parked in every other space.

A coincidence…? maybe, but it did really feel like social distancing… for cars. I think maybe we have been doing this for too long now! Time to get back out there.

So workwise, tomorrow it is back to early starts and travel. Not something many of us have missed really, but it is going to be an interesting week I think…

Have a good week everyone.

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