Management by instant message

Last week seemed to be a reset week. There was a reset on the weather, a reset to the date for ending lockdown restrictions and a reset of sorts, with the start of a change between projects… sometimes a reset can bring exciting new things… so here’s hoping… a couple of observations for this week.

Is anyone else having a problem with masks? They seem to have become the new version of hotel pens at home, seemingly appearing from nowhere, then gradually migrating and amassing at certain spots in the house… usually away from where they are needed… a tracking spreadsheet in development on I feel!

This last year we have all become intimately familiar with instant messaging (in particular WhatsApp here). It has been great during lockdown and who would have thought we would be having interactive chats, across multiple, cities, countries and even continents, all live, 10 years ago. It really is amazing and lots of fun.

However, try to arrange anything or get a decision in a chat group… seemingly every decision has multiple opinions kicking the can down the road, so no decision taken… it can be painful… time to bring back the real meeting for this one…or at least a video call!

Have a good week everyone…

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