The ball is round…

Another weekend has passed, with, for those watching the football (UEFA EURO 2020), another penalty shoot-out

It has been a very close competition, with some great matches, with leadership being shown both on and off the pitch by the teams.

It all goes to show how life can sometimes be decided by very fine margins, and although it is nice to win, how you get there is also important too.

Do your best, support those around you and society, show respect, be humble, repeat and then get better…

Looking at social media it seems a lesson many still need to learn… certainly something I will reflect on. I hope everyone gets safely home and has a good week this week.

(PS well done to the Italy football team (and Virgin Galactic) this weekend. Commiserations to the English team, but on balance still a great achievement all around… and we do all get to play again)

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