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Building on the recent foray into the world and dynamics of social media, I was able to attend an interesting session by Kendra Reddy on Linked in.
This site seems to be ever expanding, and has a huge feature set.  It is impressive and useful.

However it is always fun to think about the extremes, where is this trending? For example, what happens when everyone is connected to everyone else?

It seems am already within 3 connections of huge numbers of people.  When we are all linked to each other, then what do we do, restrict linking, have new link criteria?  (& will we ever even reach this stage)

I think the trend will be to re-enforce the connections in a more human way.  The personal face to face contact will become ever more important.  In a strange way it will come full circle to the way it used to be in many ways.

Also check out the interesting article below
The Psychology of LinkedIn

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