The computer in your pocket – really

At CES this year Ubuntu have announced a cell phone operating system that allows you to use you phone as a PC and a phone.  This is an idea that has been long in coming. For all of us lugging laptops to and from the office everyday this is the solution.  And it appears I am not alone.

It has been a problem for most of us for a while, and since the end of the desktop at work we seem to have been tethered to out laptops, never to leave our sight.  Every day it seems we are forced to carry out work (and often all our files) to and from the office each day.  It is heavy, a strain on the back and not to mention a security risk if our laptop is stolen.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just have one device that holds your files, emails and expands to fully working computer, with keyboard, once connected.  This is what they are working on.

It is of course not without issues.  For one, what happens if you now lose your phone.  A phone is of course smaller and easier to loose (although it does fit in your pocket which your typical laptop does not).

However this is an interesting development.  It maybe not Ubuntu, it could be Apple, Microsoft or another that produce this.  However I for one am sold on the concept.

(side note, lots of discussion on super HD TV, and also that Apple has peaked and needs a new product… linked no, but don’t be surprised.. if Apple produce a game changing TV, super HD)

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